In the current economic climate it stands to reason that people are always looking at ways to populate additional revenue streams. In years gone by our grandmother’s would have adopted many of the following tips to save money. There is a chance that you will already have these methods in place but even one new household saving tip is a bonus. There are the obvious methods of comparing your utility suppliers online to see who is providing you with the best deal, also car insurance and the such but our household saving tips are aimed more at forming new habits and household saving along the way.household saving

  • Turn the lights off as soon as you leave a room.
  • Re-use carrier bags before they are used to line the bin
  • Boli just the correct amount of water
  • Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth
  • Join focus groups and complete online surveys
  • Switch all gadgets off when they are not in use
  • Search for money off coupons on the internet, cut out coupons from newspapers
  • Buy in bulk i.e. washing powder
  • Put on extra layers rather than turning on the heating
  • Using the free samples that you get with magazines
  • Selling unwanted items online or at a car boot sale
  • Use left over dinner for your lunch the next day
  • Write a shopping list and stick to it
  • Register your house on a location website for filming
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables

This is just some of the ways you can make household savings. It is easy and the rewards although only small will soon mount up, after all just as my grandmother used to tell me, “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.”

The UK has now been suffering from the effects of the financial crisis for over three years. During that time, many households have lost their savings or been forced to borrow money. There are plenty of horror stories of families losing their televisions, cars, or even homes due to the inability to pay their monthly bills. With this in mind it is vital for consumers to become aware of the many money saving ideas that are available to the normal consumer.

Money Saving IdeasFirstly, supermarkets – everyone needs to buy food, but the foods available differ enormously in price. A branded tin of beans can sometimes sell for a pound; whereas, an own-brand version will sell for half that price. The recent improvements in own brand foods means that now an own brand tin of beans contains almost identical ingredients to the branded tin. There are a vast range of own brand foods available, many of them are tasty and nutritious. Switching to own brand food can save you a huge amount of money over the course of a year, an excellent example of the many money saving ideas that are out there.

In order to save money on clothes and books, remember your local charity shops. These second-hand goods are almost always clean and well-looked after. Purchasing from these shops allows you to contribute to a good cause while simultaneously saving a great deal of money. Similarly, if you have access to the internet, check the prices Online as the prices that displayed here are often cheaper than on the high street.

Money saving ideas also extends to utility bills. Switching your electricity provider is a good example. It is a well-recognised problem that too many consumers in the UK are on the wrong energy tariffs. It is now much easier to switch energy provider and can often be completed within a month. Similarly, consumers should consider arranging a water meter. The meter monitors the exact amount of water you use, meaning you only pay for what you use; these meters are useful if you live in a house which has a large amount of spare bedrooms.

Another possible way you could save money is if you have a life insurance plan. By comparing different plans, you could possibly reduce your monthly premiums when you switch to a cheaper policy. It’s important for you though to weigh up the cost/benefit ratio before switching.